Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful day at the market!

It was so nice at the market yesterday. A good crowd, and it was great to get out and visit with friends. I sold all my single switch plates in the first hour- I was wishing I had about 10 more! They are on my "to paint" list for this week.
My move is getting there, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the boxes that need to be unpacked and I still have stuff to deal with at the church. My mom is coming over today to help with some of that. I also need to figure out some kind of storage solution for other items. It is pretty tough going from 2030 square feet to 460 square feet! I do LOVE my new shop, it is really a reflection of me, and what I do. I am very comfortable there. The space makes me smile!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My house smells like DOG!

My house smells like dog! I hate that, and the temp is supposed to reach in the 90's today. That will only make it like I have 5 dogs! I can't wait till we can take Salvador to the lake and give him a bath. My beautiful boy is very temperamental about being groomed (having his nails cut and going to the vet)! HE FREAKS OUT! But, He likes the lake.
It seems I have been working for weeks and there is just more and more to do! I keep trudging along a bit at a time. I hope to be open next week. I think I will also be doing the Ithaca Market
this Sunday- just because I need something to do, like make some CASH!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The last day of school!

Today is the last day of school for Wils! He is very excited about summer vacation! I wish I shared his enthusiasm, but I have to admit, I would like a couple more weeks. I have so much left to do and it can be tough with my "assistant" tagging along. Usually he is very helpful, but it's those bursts of uncontrollable energy can be distracting, normal for a 7 year old on vacation!
The new shop is really coming together, I still have a HUGE amount of work to do. A bit more moving, unpacking, displaying... and the list goes on!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now the REAL work begins!

I am trying to move from one really HUGE space to a really SMALL (but too groovy) space. My problem is obvious- WHERE DO I PUT IT ALL??? I will be at the new space this morning trying to figure out creative placement for everything. This afternoon I will be working in the old space, trying to get it out! My tiny house is already bursting at the seams- YIKES! I'm off to make it happen!
Photos of the Gallerage coming soon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm ready to move!

My Chandelier is hung, and the space is ready! I can start moving in today. I do have touch ups with paint, and little bits to finish up, but the major renovations have been finished. I can't believe this space was a car wash! about a month ago! It really looks good!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Day!

The floor is in at the gallerage! It looks incredible! The photo is about 5:30 yesterday, they finished around 9:30 last night! I LOVE A BLACK & WHITE FLOOR! My electric still needs to be finished up today, but that shouldn't be a problem- my lights are working. I will probably move a few things down today, just because I am so anxious. I will be finishing up items as I go the next couple of weeks, but I hope to be open while I'm doing it. I am so pleased with the space- it is really cool!

I love living in a small town! Where else does the local bank put on a free lunch for Customer Appreciation Day? Wilson had a half day of school, so we had a picnic at the bank- complete with a giant hot dog!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!!

My Floor tiles are in the space! They will be going down today! I also have lights, not just the tracks! The wireless is working too, I should be able to start moving in this weekend! I am very excited about things finally coming together, and only one week past schedule- not too bad. I also have a fire door (something I didn't know I needed) and that will be hung today, I think. This has been quite a learning experience and really rewarding to see my vision come together.

I have put the Grand Opening party on the calendar for Friday July 24th. Reagen Troutman will be my first exhibit in the new Gallarage.
Reagen with pastel landscape

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The good news is: Tiles are in- they will start going down tonight! The BAD news is: The heavy rain last night shows I have a leak in my roof! Hopefully that will be fixed today too. I guess it is good I found this out before the finished floor was installed. One step forward, and one step back!

Nothing new to report!

I called Lowes yesterday and YELLED at them! My tiles still are not in! Now they are saying Friday- I'm holding my breath on that one. I am hoping I can start moving this weekend sometime. My lights however, are in- I'm going down this morning and flicking my switch!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Day...

Today I have my electrical inspection- that will cost me $75.00! I hope all goes well, I don't want to have to pay that more than once! I know you are all sick of hearing about my floor tiles, (Gary), but hopefully they will be going in today. Then we can finish up hanging the lights. I NEED to move and start setting the place up this weekend! I have a friend with a van that can help me this Friday and I want to take advantage of it. I have a number of large pieces of furniture that I have to move, they won't fit in my little car.
I have been quite productive at home too- I finished 7 necklaces, a set of picnic salt & peps, a sm. lotion bottle (great for hand sanitizer) and a single salsa bowl. I guess I work well under pressure.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving day has come and gone...

This past Saturday was my intended moving day, now, next Saturday is on the schedule for moving! My floor tiles never came in last week, but I checked with Lowes, and they should be in today! I have felt like I'm stuck in mud.
This morning my son's second grade class is taking one of their walking field trips, they are visiting the Library and then they will be waking over to the see the new gallery and the bakery. Not much to see in the gallery yet, but the bakery is fully stocked! We will have cookies and lemonade for them too- that is really the exciting part of the visit anyway.
I will be at the church this afternoon packing up, I think I am finally finished painting furniture- thank goodness!
I have been painting knobs all weekend- they seem to be in demand right now, I can never have enough knobs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Really HOPING!

I am really hoping the floor tiles are in, and will be going down in the gallerage today! The electric was supposed to get finished last night- I'm dying to flick a switch. I'm keeping fingers crossed. I probably will not be able to start moving until Sunday, but we'll see...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crunch Time exasperation!

Another self portrait of anxiety! I checked on my space- IT LOOKS THE SAME AS YESTERDAY!!!! No electric, no floor NO NOTHING! I just want t to be done, so I can move. Maybe it is a good thing no one wants to help me move (even my Dad is playing in a golf tournament) this weekend- because I might not be able to!

What was I thinking???

Good bye church, Hello garage! What was I thinking????
When you look at these photos you might ask yourself this question. Well, I was thinking I need people to come into the gallery. The church is beautiful, big and impressive. But it is off the beaten path, and no one comes in! The garage is much smaller, funky, and on Main Street (rt. 38). It is also attached to a very busy bakery- instant customers! I am sure my exposure and traffic will greatly improve, hopefully this means I will be selling MORE local art. Am I crazy? I guess a little, but as far as my business goes, I'm a little smart too!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on the gallerage!

The ceiling is up! It looks FANTASTIC! Hopefully my floor tiles will come in today, and we can knock that out by Friday! The track lighting and my Grandmother's funky chandelier will be hung too. I'm getting to the finish line, although I will be doing little things for months to come I'm sure. Shelves, picture rail, baseboard, thanks to my Dad, will be in place next week! It is SO EXCITING seeing the transformation of my little gallerage!

I have found time at night to work on an order for my friend Janice in Oregon. She likes my votive holders, and has been developing quite a collection. Here are 3 more shipping off today!
Thanks Jan.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

feeling blue- or orange...

I am feeling a bit sad today,
seems all my friends have gone away!

Still Here- but not for long!

I am sort-of on schedule, hopefully my move will be happening this weekend! The ceiling and floor still need to finished, but I need to start moving on Saturday! I am supposed to be out of the church on Monday. Please let me know if you are interested in helping- a lot of my friends have offered, now is when I need you! I am getting a bit anxious about all this- it is REALLY happening!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm MIA!

I have been missing in action the last few days! Don has gone to San Francisco and left me a single momma! I am not a fan of single parenthood- my hubs has spoiled me. Anyway, he also took my computer with him so I am forced to use the "dinosaur", aka Wilson's computer.
Work is hopefully starting today on the ceiling at the gallerage, and I am painting my tail off! I didn't realize how many pieces of furniture and display items I had that need sprucing up. This is going to be a very colorful place, I'm just hoping everything gets done in time. Wilson's class wants to take a walking field trip to the gallerage on June 15- that does not give me a lot of time!