Monday, December 28, 2009

My Personal Chef!

Wilson's big Christmas gift was a real chef uniform! He loves it- and has pretty much been wearing it since the 25th. My son has a true love for cooking. When we had a visit to see Santa Claus he asked him for a "wisk" and recipe cards.
The Gallerage will be closed until January 6. I need a bit of a rest after my successful holiday season. My Birthday is Wednesday, and I will be taking advantage of my yearly dinner and a movie date!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCE! 29 eh? I saw you drive through Etna yesterday and waved frantically but you were picking your nose and didn't see me.
No you weren't. That is a total lie.
Wilson is my absolute HERO, what a great kid. I am glad he has a whole week to cook too!

Gallow said...

Happy Birthday Nancy. Have fun on your Birthday, and enjoy the time off.