Thursday, June 10, 2010

stress relief...

So, yesterday I went and rented a storage unit! This has been a great stress relief for me, at least now I have someplace to put things. My little bungalow is bursting at the seams, so I need to get organized! I have bought myself a little time to figure out what to get rid of, what I want to keep, and how I can get things (my house) in order. I think I am one of those people that needs a deadline to get my butt in gear!
I will not be a the Market this weekend- I'm taking a wee break...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Winding down

My days at the Gallerage are numbered. I have to be out by the end of the month. I am starting to feel VERY anxious about my move and closing. I would really appreciate it if all my fabulous artists could get in touch with me and let me know when you will be picking up your work- sometime in the next couple of weeks would be good. I have so much to do, it is starting to FREAK ME OUT a little!
On top of that, Wilson is almost finished with third grade, and Don has a business trip coming up-
Where am I going to put all this stuff? This morning everything is hitting me! I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of me!