Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still figuring it out...

A lot of people have been asking me when I am moving- this is a good question! I don't know yet.
I am still trying to figure it out. I know where I want to go, and where I was supposed to go, but there has been a bit of a SNAFU in the plans. This is not in my control, and I just have to wait and hope. For now I am still open at my current location, so please stop in and see me!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Productive weekend

I have been productive the last 3 days! I am trying to get as many items done as I can for the Farmers' Market- I start Sunday! It drives me nuts when people say, "Is this all you have?"
Actually, it doesn't really matter how much I have, somebody WILL say that! People don't realize, it takes me a long time to paint these functional little beauties- I don't have a team to help, every little dot and dash is hand painted by ME! I am looking forward to the Market though, it is always fun to get out and visit with people I haven't seen in a while. It is good to make a little moola too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monet would be proud!

The class was GREAT this past weekend, the kids did a great job, and the Monet watercolors came out FABULOUS! Next week we learn about Henri Matisse and his paper cutouts.
Classes are Saturday morning 10:00-12:00. For more info see the Thou art Gallery web site.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Spike & Emily!

This is a little something I have been working on for my friends Spike and Emily! I have a bit more to do, but I think they look so CUTE, I had to give a "sneak peek"!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Salsa Bowl!

I am trying to get a bunch of my popular salsa bowls finished for the market. I sell a ton of these, and I can never have enough! I pulled this beauty out of the oven this morning. Who doesn't need a festive SALSA BOWL?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My life has been full of "cow pies" lately! I'm not sure what I will be doing as far as the gallery is concerned. Either way I will be fine with what happens. The limbo thing is what is getting me down. I'm one of those people (like most) that likes to know and plan for the future. I seem to flying by the seat of my pants these days. I do know this, I will be starting the Ithaca Farmers Market Sunday May 3rd. I am trying to put my energy into that- painting like a crazy lady! I am really looking forward to getting out and doing the market. Now, back to my brush!
Speaking of "cow pies" check out what you can do if life throws you cow pies!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maybe I have had a sign!

Maybe all this crap with moving is a sign that it is time to "move" on! Maybe I am meant to give up the gallery and work on my own art! I really don't want to get involved with major renovations along with the time, money and energy it will take. If I could slap some paint on the walls and move into a space I would do that in a minute! That was the original plan. I do know the space I am in is no longer mine to use (in another month).
I wasn't ready to give up the gallery, but maybe it's time. Time for me to concentrate on my work instead of everyone else's.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm waiting for a sign!

As most of you know, I am planning on giving up my current location (on a side street) for hopefully more exposure (on Main St.). I LOVE my space, but I need more customers if I am going to keep doing my thing. I thought it was all set, but a major "wrench" has been thrown into the plans. I am supposed to start moving in less than a month. A few days ago I was informed that the space I was planning on moving into has all kinds of problems, and the person in the space doesn't want to leave. So now I am in LIMBO! I need to find a new space, and I DO have ideas in the works. Janet isn't going to kick me out on the street, but she has scheduled workshops in the space for the month of June, so we will be sharing. I will keep you posted about my moving plans as they get figured out. Life is full of surprises, and this is just another one!

Classes start this Saturday at the Gallery for adults and children (please see I have NOT had anyone sign up as of yet. Please note the classes will be canceled if no one signs up. Reagen has to come quite a distance to teach these classes, and I can't have her driving to Groton hoping we will have drop-ins. PLEASE let me know if you are interested- just shoot me an email!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The morning after...

So, I LOVE having an opening on a Sunday afternoon, but it makes for a full day! I was up doing the prep work (cooking) at 6:00 a.m., then I got everything packed up and set up. The reception started at 2:00, and we had a great turn out! At one point, I actually had a line at the register- LOVE THAT!!! Then after the "crowd" had left it's clean up time. I got home around 6:00 p.m., and I still have a little bit of clean up left to do. The day went by so fast, but I was REALLY tired by the time I got home!
Today, I have a few errands to run, but I think I will be recouperating, and working on my own painting.
Thank you so much to all that came out to support local art!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting ready!

I am going at a frantic pace right now! I have made the cookies, dips, and cut up the veggies. I have sent Don to the store for ice, fresh baguettes and salsa. I think I am okay as far as the food and drink goes- I made it to the winery yesterday afternoon! Now I need to figure out what I am going to wear, and then get some last minute pick up and set up done. It should be 2:00 by then!
Time for the OPENING! Please come by if you get a chance, meet the artist, and have a snack! It looks like a beautiful day to get out!

*Art Opening today @Thou Art Gallery, 2:00-5:00 111 Church St. Groton!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's done!

My hand thrown Gary Rith crock is finally finished, cooked and ready to go on the shelf. It really looks FABULOUS, but a lot of work! This piece is also quite heavy so I had a bit of a problem with hand fatigue while I was working on it. Well worth the effort, I think.

I also finished this set of knobs for my friend Annie (almost)- she is anxious to get them on her studio cabnets. I want to get one more coat of poly on them, then I will send them off to their new home. They are coming Annie!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


And it's only going to get worse! I am cleaning (sort of) and trying to get ready for the final art show at my current location. I have the work hung, and it looks great! Please join me if you are able this Sunday from 2:00-5:00. I always have plenty of food, wine and WONDERFUL local art! Hope to see my friends there!
Here is a reminder:

Now, I have to get back to work!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter morning we went to the annual Egg Hunt at the Benn Conger Inn. It was a chilly morning, but the eggs were plentiful, and all the kids had a great time. We look forward to this event every year- thank you so much to Peter and Doug for doing this for the the community! I know it's a lot of work and very much appreciated.
Yesterday was full of appointments in the morning, and then because of spring break, Wils is off from school, so we took in a movie. We saw Monsters VS. Aliens in 3-D! Wilson LOVED the movie, he also loved wearing the 3-D glasses- in fact he wouldn't take them off! I felt like I was hanging out with a miniature Buddy Holly all day!
Today I am going to go down to the gallery to hang Sidney Moonchild's Dancing Goddesses. The last opening at my current space is this Sunday from 2:00-5:00. There is a lot of work to do for that. Hanging the paintings is the first step.
My little "Prince" just got up and told me he would like a feta cheese omelet for breakfast. I better get "cookin!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What do you bite first?

The Bunny came, Wils is happy, now I take a nap before I cook dinner.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have a dilemma to figure out. I can't decide if I need to take credit cards or not. It is a convenience to some customers, but I'm not sure if it is altogether necessary. It costs SO MUCH to offer this service, does it really help the sales? I would be interested in any advice- let me know what you think.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Last Show!

The last art opening at my current location will be April 19 (Sunday Afternoon) from 2:00-5:00. It is really bittersweet to think this will be my last show at the church. It is also fitting that Sidney Moonchild will be exhibiting. Sidney was the very first show at the gallery- almost (exactly) two years ago!
I will still have openings, but since my space will be substantially smaller, I will not be able to exhibit the same quantity of work. I am definitely trading space for location and exposure. Although I'm a bit sad about it, I think it's a good move.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peeps on Parade!

I had to make something for the Spring (Easter) party at Wilson's school today. Wils wanted me to do bird nest treats. They are really cute, I do rice crispy treats, but I make them with chow mein noodles and plop them a "nest "shape on a cookie sheet. When they are cool I pipe frosting, and add a peep and robin's egg. The kids love them, and there is no baking involved- just a little time!

Wilson is happy with his treats!

Thou Art Gallery will be closing today at 12:30- I have an appointment at the Elementary School. I will be open my usual hours this afternoon, 4:00-6:00.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice Knobs!

My friend and artist extraordinaire, Annie Zyg, is setting up a new studio and asked me to do some knobs for her. I am honored she would want my work in her studio! I have done 4 out of 5 knobs. She wanted the same pattern, in different colors on each one- what do you think Annie? I still have to finish them with the poly, but I think they are looking good!

Yesterday I hung the work of my floorcloth class at the Groton Bank- It looks FAB! Check it out if you get a chance, and I will be doing another class on Monday nights in May- I still have some openings if anyone is interested! The info is on the gallery web site.

Monday, April 6, 2009

media free weekend!

This past weekend I was "media free"! My the computer and TV were both out. It doesn't happen very often, but this time it lasted all Saturday and most of Sunday! I spent the weekend painting and watching chick flicks that I had saved on my DVR. Pride and Prejudice is always good for those rainy Saturday afternoons. We also rented Milk- WOW what a good movie! So, I guess I wasn't totally media free- just internet and cable free.
Tonight is my last floorcloth class with this group of students. Tomorrow I will be hanging our work at the Groton Bank. I think it will be good advertising for the next class in May, and it will be fun to see the work hanging all together- they are all so different and full of the artists' personality.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Full Plate!

I am starting to get really excited about my move to Main St.! I have butterflies in my tummy all the time. Maybe it is because I have a MASSIVE amount of work to do- moving and all. I will also be starting the Ithaca's Farmers' Market in May, and teaching another floorcloth class. May will be a busy month for me. I hope to be open in my new location by the first week in June- AM I NUTS???!!!

Here are a couple of pieces I have been working on this week: a cake plate, and my beautiful Gary Rith pot! These will both be done this weekend- that's what I'm telling myself!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Good Morning everyone who reads this, but never comments! I know you are out there because people always seem to know what is going on with me! The day is going to be great- nice and sunny outside, and warming up. Good day to stop by and say Hello- I have Lemon cookies today!
I can tell it is spring, people are starting to order knobs again. Knobs tend to be a good seller when people are spring cleaning and redecorating- wanting to jazz things up a bit- gotta paint some knobs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beasts Of Burden!

Miss Frank

Petunia in a basket

Martin Luther Cat

Simon and Wils

Salvador Doggie
I have a HUGE "pet" peeve- hair in my paint! However, it is my own fault- I live in a zoo! I not only live with my husband and son, I live with four hairy cats and a bushy dog! I am very diligent about removing hair that might float through the air and land in wet paint, but sometimes I don't catch it until a piece is finished! Then I have to scrape it off, and re-do. I HATE THAT- but, I LOVE my animals more.