Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a new week begins...

Another new week at the Gallerage. The snow in front of my garage door is gone, so I can finally get out the ladder and take down my holiday lights, and pack them away for next year.

I had lunch with with my husband's group from Cornell on Monday- I was invited to celebrate Don's 20 years at Cornell. It was so funny because as we were walking into the Statler I mentioned how I used to know quite a few people who had worked there, but I didn't think anyone was still there. As soon as I sat down our waiter walked in- It was Marty, who I had worked with at Simeon's back in the 80's! Then as I went into the buffet room, I ran into Kandi, I worked with her in the 90's! I had so much fun running into old friends that I hadn't seen in ages.
Don made the comment, "once a waitress always a waitress"!

I hope I have some people to wait on today at the gallery.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

well yes, best wishes at the gallery, i hear some things are half price!