Monday, March 15, 2010


Spring Cleaning with Balance

Presented by Kash Iraggi-Wiggins
Sunday March 28, 1-4, at Thou Art Gallery 215 Main St. Groton, NY
Reserve a space by calling 280-9699

This one day class is all about bringing pure essential oils into your life at a time of the year that we are all emerging from winter and looking towards spring and new days.

We will focus on the adrenal glands and what pure essential oils help them gear us up for spring thaw. Along with the adrenals we will also discuss the effect of certain essential oils on other parts of the body and how and why they should be a part of our daily use at this time of year.

The class is three hours long and is broken up into 60 minute intervals with the beginning hour being about pure essential oils and the need for them in our life. We will also go over essential oil purity, safety and usage.

The second hour will be spent blending oils for a specific use. You will have the choice of making a spritzers, massage & body oils or hand/body wash which you will take with you for use at home.

The third hour will focus on how, why and where you should use this product and other products to ensure your health and well being in the coming months. There will also be time for questions and discussions during the last hour.

There will be 10 minute breaks through out the day.

Kash Iraggi-Wiggins. Certified Aromatherapist; Licensed Massage Therapist & Herbalist
Kash owns and operates Balance Aromatherapy which creates all natural body care products for your mind, body and spirit. She focuses on incorporating pure therapeutic essential oils into our lives and our body through daily use. She has been working with therapeutic essential oils for over 25 years and is also an herbalist, massage therapist and reiki practitioner.

She teaches classes on how to make and use body care products that help support the body’s ability to heal.

“Breathe it in!”


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I thought I heard something about a workshop on the 27th....

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Gary- I told you, I can't advertise that because it is FULL!