Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Favorite Republican!

This is my Grandpa. He died a few months after this photo was taken in 1992. My Gramp was a REPUBLICAN all the way! When the whole family got together we would have heated political discussions around the dinner table that would always end in shouting, crying, storming off, and Grandpa saying "If you vote for a Democrat, I will disown you, and that's it- OUT OF THE WILL!" I don't think anyone ever really took Gramp too seriously because I know for a fact there are quite a few Dems in the family, and nobody was ever disowned! This morning I started thinking about how would Grandpa vote today, I would like to think that maybe he would finally take a ride on the Democrat train - venture over to the scary side, with all the disowned people who have the guts to make their own decisions, even if they might be "out of the will".

My Grandpa was a great man. Things are different today, the parties are different than they were in my Grandpa's time. I do think Gramp would make the right choice- we all make the right choice- for us! That is the beauty of the vote!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

your dreidels are soooo pretty, and what a nice tribute to your grandpa! I wish I could lock up my parents today (Archie Bunker....) but that wouldn't be very nice of me.
Thanks for the check too!
I don't think I can teach a class Nancy, I am finally getting the kiln working but have weeks worth of pots to fire plus orders and art trail just added the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Gallow said...

My Father and I are polar opposites on what we believe politically. We had to come to an agreement to not talk politics for the betterment of our relationship.
It's strange because I can discuss politics with those who differ from me, but when it's my father it becomes much more emotionally charged.

Speaking of other friends, I know of two conservatives that voted for President Elect Obama. They were very impressed on his approach.

I feel hopeful again. It also feels good to say the word President again.