Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay, Here It Is!!!!

Reference to this sign has been made several times on my blog, so, here it is.
I live in a small town, and unfortunately with the beauty and comfort of a small town, you get a few small minds as well. I have been looking at this directly across the street from my business for a long time now! I personally feel that this is the type of "Bully attitude" that provokes fear and hatred between Americans and people from other parts of the world. I can't tell you how many people came into my shop and made a comment about the "red necks" across the street. I get it- why do you have to be so mean and evil about it? Put out your candidate sign and make a point that way. I would also like to say, this sign is among a bunch of other lawn decorations like pumpkins with silly faces, striped reindeer, snowman, and other festive holiday wooden cutouts! Somehow I don't see the correlation between the hatred and festivities!


TheColorTree said...

Yeeesh! I hope for your sake that sign gets removed soon....

Giggles said...

Well it's definately fodder for conversation... Thankfully he will embrace these people too! No Country is void of a red neck or ten!
I did get a chuckle!

Peace Giggles