Monday, December 15, 2008

I did it!

I was able to clear a corner of my very cluttered parlor- the tree is in and actually standing! That took a little muscle (and yelling!) Don will be surprised to see I did it. He always makes such a fuss- and I do the yelling. I even think it is straight. I love when the tree is finally up and all 4 of the cats come out of their hiding places and inspect it. The Christmas tree is a big deal in my house- it does smell good.
I just realized I never mentioned where I get my tree. My Dad's best friend was a Christmas tree farmer. Years ago (when we were very young- 10-14) my brother and I would help Carl plant trees in the spring. Every year a beautiful tree appears at my door all ready to bring in and decorate. I always think maybe this is one of the seedlings I stuck in the ground. Although the trees I planted are probably about 60 feet tall that was so long ago!

Every year I look at my tree and say "This is the prettiest one we have ever had".


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Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

It is just a tree right now- I will have pics as soon as It looks a bit more put together.