Monday, December 8, 2008

On With The Holidays!

The artwork was fabulous, the food was plentiful, the wine was a pouring, but the crowd was a bit light. I think the weather was a little much for a lot of people to venture out yesterday. It was snowin, blowin, and REALLY cold! Hopefully my wonderful local art enthusiasts will come in to see the "Gifted" show in the next couple of weeks. I feel very honored to have such a delightful group of artists participating in this show, I really want people to see it! I am NOT totally disappointed, the people that did come, did some shopping, and sales were pretty good- but I'm always chasing that "green" dragon. You have to to stay in business. I always say "I'm not in it to get rich", but I do want to make my artists happy and I need to pay the rent.

Thanks to all that came and enjoyed the afternoon, and thanks so much Alice, Werner, Jolene, Dee, and Gary.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

what a nice group, thank YOU Nancy!