Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving day has come and gone...

This past Saturday was my intended moving day, now, next Saturday is on the schedule for moving! My floor tiles never came in last week, but I checked with Lowes, and they should be in today! I have felt like I'm stuck in mud.
This morning my son's second grade class is taking one of their walking field trips, they are visiting the Library and then they will be waking over to the see the new gallery and the bakery. Not much to see in the gallery yet, but the bakery is fully stocked! We will have cookies and lemonade for them too- that is really the exciting part of the visit anyway.
I will be at the church this afternoon packing up, I think I am finally finished painting furniture- thank goodness!
I have been painting knobs all weekend- they seem to be in demand right now, I can never have enough knobs!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

gorgeous knobs!

janetshealinghands said...

That's because Nance's knobs are the coolest! Wish I had a set... tee hee hee Janet