Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Summer Celebration!

Yesterday was our annual summer celebration- the family pilgrimage to the New York State fair!
Wilson counts the minutes to this event every year! It is a long day filled with carnival food, farm animals, midway rides, more food, crowds of people, lots of walking and a parade. We love the fair! The weather was perfect- cool, breezy and not too sunny, all around it was fabulous! My son LOVES to go on rides, I, DO NOT share this enthusiasm for spinning, hanging upside down and being scared. So Don did that with him. I had a hard time even watching. It is getting harder every year he moves a little more away from the kiddie rides and wants to go on bigger, faster and more frightening contraptions. It can be hard watching your little one grow up. But, what a great day!


gary rith said...

Yay Donald and Wilson! How were the pigs? And the chickens???

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

My favorite part of the fair- Love the chickens! The pigs were HUGE and colorful- saw lots of babies too.