Friday, August 7, 2009

When I Dream...

When I have dreams at night, it is usually during a time when I am very busy with projects. I have been incredibly busy lately! My dream is: I am a waitress, and I never seem to catch up with food service, coffee refills, clean up, I just can't make my customers happy! I am running around all night, trying to serve an unrecognizable crowd of people. I wake up exhausted thinking about all I have to do, and feeling like I have taken too much on- once again! Hopefully after next weekend I will be able to take a deep breath and feel like it was worth it.
I will be doing a giant paint by numbers community art project for Olde Home Days- It's called
Paint a Postcard From Groton! Hopefully I will be able to pull this off!

It has taken me a lot of hours to figure out how to do this outline, and I still have to do the numbering! I know they have programs to do the work, but they don't run on a Mac. So I have done it by trial and error, and a lot of time!
I also have Dino DiArtist coming to the Gallerage on Saturday August 15th to do caricatures for Olde Home Days. Dino used to do the Ithaca Farmers' Market with me, and he is REALLY GOOD!

Dino will be here from 11:00- 4:00 Saturday August 15, come and have your caricature done by a true artist!
Okay- now I have to try to get my web site back in order...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

yay Nance! You always serve with a smile :)

janet jacobs said...

Damn wish I would have seen this before sending out the gba letter. Can I add this to the gba calander of events? If you can call me or send me an email to let me know that would be great! Thanks Nance!

Anonymous said...

It has taken me a lot of hours to figure out how to do this outline
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Jhon said...

WOW!... Its wonderful! You are very good talented.
Thanks for sharing....

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