Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's like an E-mail soap opera!

Thanks Nance, a spirited response, all points humbly taken, and sorry for calling a painter a potter. All I meant about the hours was that 4-6pm surely counts as afternoon rather than evening, no bearing on what the time is used for. My attacks on language usage will be less personalized in future, though I hope you caught the humorous intent.
Power to your elbow, especially next week.


Nance wrote:
I did catch the humor, and to be honest- I'm thrilled one of my "tacky cards" made it all the way to London. I am sure someone picked it up at the Ithaca Farmers' Market (Ithaca is where Cornell University is). We get a lot of tourists visiting the Market in the Summer, and I sell my work to people from all over the world.
I did a Google on you, are you the Brian Durrans, PHD that works for the British Museum? I feel honored a little tiny business like mine made your "hit list"!
No offense taken,

Brian's last response:
Thanks Nance; Ithaca FM must be the source. I am the same as your Google hit but despite the evidence we're not all snobs. Now retired from the British Museum and am surprisingly busy for a retiree. But if inspired I do occasionally have more time to indulge obsessions than is good for me. Must be more thoughtful in future / Must be more thoughtful in future / Must be more thoughtful in future ... (as Bart Simpson writes).
Glad we're still on emailing terms.
Take care and best wishes


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