Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A nice weekend off!

I did my last Market for the year on Sunday. I had a good day, the weather was very nice and sunny, although the wind did pick up at times- a beautiful fall day. Just the way I like to round off the season- with rosie cheeks!

I got an interesting email- almost a bit strange, thought I would share:

Hi Thou-artist

Someone recently visiting my family in London, England from upstate NY generously or absentmindedly left behind a postcard advertising the enterprising use of a former church in 'the picturesque village of Groton' (there may be some other explanation but I can't think how else it found its way to the top of our microwave, wedged among inverted coffee-cups). We don't know anyone from Groton but maybe one of our friends passed by.

As purpose-built museums and galleries or their contents are increasingly venerated, it's good to see purpose-built churches returning the compliment by re-branding themselves as art galleries and gift-shops. Long may the trend continue.

The card is as attractive as anything with a blue-yellow-and-purple colour-scheme can be, so it's a pity it describes the gallery as 'The area's most unique source for [etc.]'. Does anyone these days know what 'unique' means?

One of the gift categories mentioned round the outside of the card is 'natural candles'. Well, now, I hate to be pedantic, but surely there's no such thing. A candle may be made of natural materials, surely; but is there anything less natural than a candle, unless it's two candles? When our ancestors scrutinized the landscape seeking food, shelter, or someone to chat with, I bet they didn't say 'Ooh, look at all those cylindrical things with wicks in the middle - I wonder what happens if you light one?'

Finally, I read on the card that Thursday evening opening hours are 4:00-6:00. Crikey Moses! - as an earlier generation of Groton clerics might have blasphemed in an unguarded moment - does the whole of the eastern US have afternoons as ungenerous as yours?

Whoever you are, ceramicist Nance, I realise it might not have been you responsible for these appalling mistakes, so don't mention this to anyone else whose feelings might be hurt. If it WAS you, then I hope you'll forgive my obsessive pedantry: also that you have a sense of humour, vote for Barack Obama next week, and keep up the good work.


Here was my response:

Interesting letter- I'm not sure what I think, maybe someone has too much time on his hands! I will however respond to a couple of points you felt necessary to bring up:

"Natural candles" refers to soy wax and bayberry wax- both a natural substance. Also these candles are scented with natural essential oils- not synthetic fragrances.

The color scheme of my card is taken from the original 1883 stained glass windows in my gallery. I guess you need to see them to appreciate their beauty and influence in the space. Groton is a very small farming community. Anything out of the ordinary, I consider "unique". My gallery is certainly different (and I want it to be) in respect to other shops in the area. I only sell products that are produced in the local Finger Lakes area- NO CHINA (or ENGLAND)!

And lastly as far as my hours go, I have a 6 year old son, I need meet him at the school bus stop. I am always happy to open for people by appointment, and DO quite often. I don't really understand why you are criticizing my hours when you are in London. It's not like your stopping by anytime soon- you will have plenty of time to make an appointment.

By the way I am NOT a ceramicist, I am a painter. I am also referred to a functional artist (a description I am sure you will want to ponder). I paint pottery, glassware and functional items.

I do not think any of the mentioned items are "appalling mistakes" and I take full responsibility. I am the only owner, web designer, advertising department, display person and sales associate Thou Art Gallery has. I have done this all myself, and if there is something you do not agree with then open your own gallery!

I do agree with you on one subject- Obama is my man.

One more thing- I love London, I went to art school there in the 80's.
Cheers, and "get a life"!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

what a d!ck, huh?????????? Fork you, buddy!
We were walking the dogs around 8 am Sunday and saw a little white vehicle go by. Again we were walking the dogs at 4:30 or so on Sunday and saw a little white car coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Yup probably me- Where were you? I could have dropped your check off! I will mail it today.
The guy that wrote the letter is some big wig at the British Museum! Can you believe it?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

ppphhlllbbbt to him, eh?
We knew it was you driving by the Etna playground because of the signage on the cat door! Funny we caught you exactly both times!!!!