Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm plowing ahead!

My new gallery is in an old gas station! I'm going from one extreme (a church) to another (a gas station). I do love a building with character!
This is probably what the old Texaco station looked like at one time. It has gone through many transformations since then. One thing that does remain, and something I absolutely LOVE, is the original enameled steel siding panels. This is now one of my interior walls. It looks like the side of this station in the photo- white on top, with a red stripe along the bottom. The cool thing about this wall is magnets work on it! I will have the floor put in this week. I need to wash my steel wall and paint the other, very big wall, before that happens. So I will be starting this project today. I am sticking to my style as far as decorating the new space. I will be using a lot of bright colors, and funky displays- also freshly painted. I am glad I finally made a decision about moving- this is going to be great- although a lot of work!