Monday, May 18, 2009

Opening the paint can!

Today I will start priming my BIG wall- it is about 13' high by 28' long! I have tinted primer, so hopefully that will help the coverage. The wall I am painting is a chipboard plywood, so I expect it to suck up a lot of paint. I decided to forget about sheetrocking. I think the wood kind of adds to the "industrial" feel of the space, plus it is really nicely done and insulated, so I can save the cash here! I can't wait to see this painted with fabulous artwork hanging on it! I love to paint, but this project it a bit larger than I usually work.


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aliceinblogland said...

hey nance wow hard to keep up with you and your news! thanks for visiting my blog and i do hope you can see the show. missed you on sunday, it was freeeeeeezing, permanent wind swept hair.

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no mural?