Thursday, May 21, 2009


The floor is going down in the "gallerage"! I am so excited, Jamie, who is doing the job says it will be done tomorrow! That's what I like- a fast worker! I need things done pretty fast because I am hoping to get moved in and open for biz by mid June. I do still have to do the ceiling too- that is if the price is right.

Wils is off on another field trip today- this time of year the kids go on a lot of field trips. He is very excited about seeing a concert by the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra. His teacher told the kids to dress up a little- no blue jeans. Wilson tried to tell me she also said don't wear any underwear.
I didn't buy that! He HATES wearing underwear- too uncomfortable, I aways have to check to make sure he has it on! The joys of motherhood!