Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day goodies

Heart Mug By Gary Rith

Little "love magnets" by ME!
I am still putting together an assortment of interesting little gift items for Valentine's Day.
These will be for sale at Bun Appetit Bakery at 215 Main St. in Groton.
There are some really nice gifts and cards-all reasonably priced- check it out! Not to mention, the Bakery has YUMMY TREATS! It is a really cute little shop.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

why SAY! Love the bowl you posted yesterday!

herb said...

hey nance! great to see your work and blog. nice to hear from you. it was a fun photo project :)
i'm working on another show and book. keep you posted.

Dolores Hemming said...

Hi Nancy - I'm a new blogger buddy. I love your blogsite with your updates and the great pictues - the family and the business! I want to write about the new set-up in the bakery, so I'll be in touch or you can call me at 898-5236.
Dolores Hemming