Thursday, September 18, 2008

Full Speed Ahead!

Good news yesterday- my biopsy was negative! I am full of relief and gratitude! As well as yummy peanut butter cookies! Wilson said they were really good, and he is my official taste tester!

I finished the champaign flutes- they look GREAT, but I still want to add some yellow! The sister of the Bride will be picking these up at the Farmers' Market this Sunday.
Speaking of the Market, I have taken a few Sundays off- trying to get caught up on orders. I am looking forward to being there this week. I really love doing the Market, it is a HUGE part of my social life!
I am feeling good and ready to start my day! There are knobs to paint!


Maria said...

I wouldn't mind some of those cookies!! The flutes are really pretty.


gary rith said...

oh happy day!