Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adult classes at the Gal!

These workshops are for artists and inspiring artists of all ages and skill levels. The workshops are designed to be a fun, comfortable place to play, explore your creative side, and collaborate with other artists. Cost is $20.00/workshop and include all materials.

Saturday April 25th- Spend the afternoon painting and loosening up with watercolors, pastels, and your favorite mediums as we explore the paths of impressionist painters. Warm up exercise will uncover the many brush stroke techniques of impressionist painters such as Monet. A limited color palette will make these fast and loose paintings successful.

FREE-Saturday May 2nd- Iterations 2009- Don’t miss being part of Iterations 2009, the third year of a community collaborative involving over 120 local artist age 3-93. This year, 50 plaster sculptures will be altered and created by you, and then will be drawn and painted in a still life. A plethora of materials will be provided for your imagination. Weather you choose to add to the sculpture or draw/paint the interesting objects, you will become a critical part of the collaboration. This is a great way to make friends, set your imagination free, and add a prominent exhibition to your Artist Resume. Details about the exhibition and opening will be available at the day. Join the Fun!

Saturday May 9th-Explore a variety of mono-print making techniques and create your very own set of 5” x 7” note cards or miniature masterpieces. Experiments will involve things that you might find right in your own home such as watercolors, jello, potatoes, lettuce, found objects, yarn and more. There is always serendipity to discover when your mono printing!

Saturday May 15th – Dive into the world of abstract expressionism as we look at the movement’s most prominent artists. After discussing some of the big names, we will make action paintings of our own, influenced by the work of Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollack. If the day is nice we may paint outside. The large kinetic paintings will be used to connect us with our creative source.

Saturday May 23- No matter your sewing level or gender, making a Faith Ringgold-Inspired Story Quilt is always a treasure. Cut, sew, glue, and create your own 16” x 20” story quilt frame-ready heirloom. No sewing skills are required. Sewing machines will be available and all present will learn to feel comfortable threading the machine and controlling simple appliqué stitches.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I may try the one April 25!

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Reagan is such a fab teacher- I think you would really enjoy it!

Jeannette St.G. said...

Wow, so many things lined up - do you have time for your own art?