Monday, March 30, 2009

A sneak- peek!

So, I have made some progress on a rather large piece of pottery. This is a very up-close shot of a utensil crock (thrown by Gary Rith). I still have much to paint, but I wanted to show how great "olive drab" works as a background color! I will use your glaze mistakes anytime, dear Gary!

Yesterday was the annual Maple Fest in Marathon, NY! Every year we take the double decker train from Cortland to Marathon- it is a bit of a "Spring Tradition"! Although, almost every year it rains, we taste the maple candy, syrup, and The usual "fair food". We see the craft show, and I say "Hi" and catch up with artisans I haven't seen in a while. I'm always looking for new local artists that might be interested in displaying their work in my gallery. Every year we come home tired, wet, cold and muddy with a big jug of NY State maple syrup, and a feeling that it is SPRING!
The photo is Don and Wils riding the train to Marathon!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OMG that pic of your boys is totally perfect!
Nancy, that painting of yours looks amazing, and I have 4 olive drab mugs for you another day!

Giggles said...

You have a very distinct it!!! Gary does awesome work!That fair sounds like great family fun!Sweet photo!

Hugs Giggles